I am exhibiting from 25th Sept to 30th  Sept 2018 - stand number 61 - in the front Drawing Room -
All opening times / talks / details of location are on their website.

Alan is in process of writing two books on different complimentary aspects of his work

This is very unusual approach indeed I think it is unique within our subject.

The first Book to be called IN SEARCH OF THE BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS  is about Alans personal experience and approach to the Creative Process. The stories it generates, The Alchemical process of change one goes through.  How all these things contribute to a particular way of seeing and looking which are vital to the inner changes that must take place in order to grow and develop. How this affects the work one does for it is a two way process.

The second book is entitled “ A LIFE OF ITS OWN” the focusses on the work itself, the pieces produced, whether for commission or for exhibition. This will be a large square format colour illustrated book the concept being that they form a pair. The book is primarily visual but will contain stories about the works, how they came about, the meaning to clients and the exploration and development of techniques. A chance for the work to speak for itself.

I envisage the 2 books being in the region of 30cm square and forming an opposing pair,  together creating a whole.

If anyone is interested in the project please get in touch through : contact me.  I would like get some idea of potential interest / possible publishers / distribution / together with any relevant personal experience which might be useful to the project.